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No matter what kind of issue you’re dealing with, cloggone Plumbing and Drain has the solutions you need.

Excellence in Drain Repair in Concord

Dealing with partially blocked drains is more than just a minor inconvenience. If left unattended, these issues can quickly escalate into full-blown plumbing emergencies. Recognizing the signs, such as water pooling in sinks, bathtubs, or showers, unusual gurgling sounds, or a noticeable drop in water pressure, is crucial. At Cloggone, we offer cutting-edge solutions for drain repair in Concord that ensure maximum efficiency and savings for our valued customers. Our expert technicians are equipped to conduct thorough sewer camera inspections and address clogged drains before they cause extensive damage.

Cloggone is dedicated to becoming your trusted specialist in drain repair in Concord, CA. Our exceptional services extend to the following areas and their surroundings:

The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Plumber for Clogged Drain Issues.

When a clogged drain rears its head, many homeowners turn to DIY methods as a quick fix. Regrettably, this approach can often exacerbate the problem rather than resolve it. Store-bought chemicals may promise a swift solution, but what homeowners might not realize is that these chemicals can expedite corrosion and lead to irreversible damage, especially when used regularly. The harsh and often toxic substances can be detrimental not only to your pipes but also to your family’s health. In time, plumbing issues can escalate to the point where professional intervention is necessary.

At Cloggone, our experienced technicians possess the knowledge, skills, and tools required to promptly restore your pipes to proper functionality. We conduct comprehensive inspections to assess the condition of your sewer lines. Utilizing the latest high-definition cameras and advanced equipment, we can access any point in your sewer system to identify and address serious clogs and blockages. Once the issues are pinpointed, we develop a strategic plan of action to prolong the life of your pipes and get your plumbing back on track efficiently.

Cloggone is proud to serve the following areas and their surroundings:

Concord, CA

Walnut Creek, CA

Danville, CA

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Providing the Highest Standard Every Time


At cloggone Plumbing and Drain we make sure our team is not only knowledgeable and up to date with new techniques but ensure we have the newest products and technology.


With over two decades of experience, we ensure quality results. We take pride in delivering quality solutions at a competitive price, always!


Founded in 1990, Diamond Certified serves to highlight select and limited top local companies for customers, homeowners, and business owners in Contra Costa County and the surrounding areas.

Don't Let Drain Clogs Ruin Your Day

For instance, in the bathroom, you can install drain covers in the sink, shower, and bathtub that are meant to catch hair but still let water pass through. Also, you can make sure that everyone knows what can and can’t be flushed down the toilet.
In the kitchen, you can make a list of food items that should not be put into the garbage disposal or rinsed down the drain. The list can be kept on the refrigerator so that everyone in your home is aware and mindful.
Unfortunately, no matter how much prevention you practice it is inevitable that at least one drain in your home will succumb to a clog at one point. Your drains are used several times throughout the day and normal wear and tear include clogs from time to time.
Luckily, you can call on the experts at Cloggone Plumbing and Drain to clear any drain clog that you might be faced with. Our team understands the impact that a clogged drain can have on your day, and we will make sure that the clog is addressed quickly and efficiently. Our customers count on us for reliable and efficient drain cleaning service, and you can too!

We also provide the following services:

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CloggOne's commercial plumbing service exceeded my expectations! Swift response, professional team, and impeccable workmanship. They tackled complex issues seamlessly, ensuring our business operations ran smoothly. Trustworthy and efficient – CloggOne is our go-to for all plumbing needs.

- Carol Y.

Thrilled with CloggOne's bathroom remodeling service! Transformed our space with creativity and precision. The team's attention to detail was impressive, and they delivered beyond what we envisioned. If you desire a bathroom makeover that wows, CloggOne is the answer!

- Debra D.

CloggOne's trenchless sewer repair saved us time and disruption. Their cutting-edge technology and skilled team seamlessly fixed our sewer issues without digging up the entire yard. Efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly. Highly recommend their modern approach to sewer repairs!

- Gilbert B.

CloggOne's drain cleaning service is a game-changer! Rapid response, thorough inspection, and effective solutions. Our drains are now free-flowing, and the team even provided valuable tips for maintenance. If you want reliable and efficient drain cleaning, CloggOne is the go-to choice!

- Kathy E.

CloggOne is the partner you need for responsible and effective grey water treatment solutions! Their innovative solutions and eco-friendly approach exceeded our expectations. The team was knowledgeable and ensured a seamless integration.

- Judith M.


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